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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Are solar panels worth it? This is a regular doubt that crosses our minds every time we imagine of a substitute energy source. You would be surprised to know that solar energy within a 100 square feet radius is adequate to light up any typical house.

According to precise research studies, tapping solar energy that is coming to the earth in an hour can supply adequate power to serve mankind throughout the year. The greatest part with reference to solar power is that it is a completely ecological source of energy and there is certainly no wastage.

There are many commercial solar experts  in the market if you want to install a solar panel.

It sounds exciting as solar power can be a viable supply of energy and that it has numerous benefits. The only obstacle is to tap this well potential energy source and to switch it into a power source that will serve us year after year.

But, even the finest and the most efficient solar panels that we have today, do not have the potential to tap the full solar energy as it can only tap a fraction of it i.e. 20% at the limit. Purchasing the finest and the most costly solar panels is not even a problem for most households because each year they had to compensate huge bills for traditional electricity.

Clients usually have to pay 3 to 5 dollars approximately per watt even after the government subsidy for purchasing solar panels. This measures that they will have to wait almost 12 to 15 years after which they can look ahead to a return on their investment. This would take twice the time without the funding or assistance of the government.