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Architectural Professional Liability Insurance Concerns

As the area of professional liability expands, the number of lawsuits against architects continue to rise. There are many theories as to why this is happening. This creates a lot of attention to those who work in this field. It is very important for architects to better understand their risks so that they can protect themselves.

Although each country has its own specific law, it would be prudent to research and understand some of the major areas of liability for architects in certain jurisdictions. Unfortunately, the obligation of an architect can continue for many years after the completion of the project, further increasing the need to protect their assets and their businesses with some form of professional liability insurance(e&o).

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Areas of concern for architects

1. The contract claims

This could come in countless shapes, some of which include problems arising from:

– Direct work on a project 

– Failed to meet the deadline of the contract, and

– Job does not meet the standards specifically mentioned in the contract

When problems arise concerning quality, something that may not be specifically addressed in the contract, then it falls under the category of "negligence". 

2. Design Obligations

The problem with design also becomes the basis for a lawsuit. In some cases, the design may be seen as unnecessarily complex, or very complicated and probably not very well thought out, which can lead to an increase in the price of maintenance. Even when there are certain issues,  architects can be found responsible for maintenance expenses.