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All About Sustainable Straws And Types

Nowadays it's no longer about what color you straw is having, but it should be of  reusable material. According to market research, Americans' previous consumption of plastic straws reduced from 110 million units.

As momentum wins, consumers now can buy a sheer number of options. Metal, glass extra- there are many sustainable straws options available as an alternative to choose disposable plastic straws. The question is which is the best?

sustainable straws

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There are several factors to consider when selecting sustainable straws for sipping morning energizing smoothies and milkshakes etc. Below are the few Sustainable straws. 

Steel straws

When it comes to sustainable material, stainless steel straws are the go-to option. The metal has odor-resistance properties and is the most durable material for straws. Stainless steel options are also the most in the market due to their thermal conduction properties. A cold drink is best enjoyed through a metal straw, because it keeps a clear and refreshing temperature for the drinkers.

Glass straws

At the end there is only one other material that can compete with steel in terms of sustainability is  glass. Coated and cured, glass straws are very durable and will not break easily when accidentally mishandled or  dropped . 

Glass is a close runner-up to metal conductivity and, interestingly, it is transferred to hot liquids without burning the consumer. Since the glass is clear, it can be cleaned properly.