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Air Cleaners Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you live in cold northern cities, such as Calgary, you may spend most of your time in your home. Air purifier in your furnace can ensure that the air you breathe is as clean as possible.

Indoor air quality has emerged as a problem because people have become more aware of airborne allergens and particles that can cause respiratory and other health problems. If you are looking for more information regarding air purifiers, please check out this website –

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To improve the air quality in their homes, some people try to use, small portable air purifier. But they could not clean up all the air in the house. Only clean air furnace-mounted electronics could do it.

A standard filter can only capture large particles, leaving anything below 10 to 20 microns fainting to your home. To put the size of that in context, consider that the fungus can be as small as 0.5 microns and 0.3 microns bacteria.

To trap smaller particles, homeowners have a choice between an accordion-style filter paper, also called filter media, and electronic air cleaners.

The paper filter can capture about 99% of the particles of pollen, which is about 6 microns in size. This filter can also capture approximately 65% of the particle size of 1 micron, and they really capture more because they get dirty.

If you have concerns about the condition of the air in your home, you should consider an electronic air cleaner. Designed for longevity, it will give your family many years of breathing cleaner air and better health.