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Advantages Of Timber Frame Construction

The use of timber frames in building construction has never been more popular, particularly for self-build projects. In fact, recent studies indicate that timber frames are now almost as popular as masonry or steel frame construction. The main reasons for this are speed and ease of construction compared to other building methods. You can also get the best timber frame wall construction via

Advantages of Timber Frame Construction


The use of prefabricated sections means a timber-framed structure can be erected quickly as there is no need to build the walls from the ground up. The wait for plaster or mortar to dry before continuing with a building is also avoided. It is also far quicker and easier to treat timber than installing a damp proof course, although this may be necessary for the cladding.

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Resistance to the Elements

Unlike building brick walls, timber frames can be erected in wet conditions or at temperatures below two degrees Celsius.

Fast Weatherproofing

As a timber-framed building can be built in a matter of days, the interior will quickly be weatherproof. This allows interior decorating, plastering, wiring and similar to jobs to be completed quickly.


Timber absorbs heat far slower than masonry or brickwork, and a double layer of wood with insulation inside dramatically reduces heat loss.


Although hardwood timber can be marginally more expensive than other materials, the cost of a timber-framed building is paid upfront. This allows the builder to assess their budget more accurately. It also avoids hidden costs from the regular fluctuations in the price of other building materials.