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Access Control – Multi-Use Function That Is Useful In Many Businesses

Access control allows you to grant or deny access to a specific area or function within an organization. A control mechanism allows or denies access to any resource or area. Access control can be used to grant access to an entire system, or it can be applied to a single item like a text file. Access control cards are used in some access control systems. This card is used to allow or deny entry to a secure area with electronic entry and exit points, such as a door or gate.

Entree controller cards are used by many businesses. There are many technologies that can be used to identify the holder of access control cards. These include proximity cards, bar codes, mag stripes, smart cards, proximity, and smart cards. A number is embedded onto the ID card using a method similar to those listed. 

Access Control System

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A digital card reader reads the number as the cardholder approaches a secured area. The number is then read by a digital card reader and sent to the main access control system computer. Based on the credentials provided, the sensor matches the transmitted information with the database. The system will allow access if the submitted information is found on the main access control lists. 

Many electronic access systems use computers to offer greater security than the traditional lock and key system. The payment of a ticket or authorization from management may be required to gain entry to an area. Additional security measures may be required depending on the organization and the size of any group being managed. To increase security for an event or group, security guards, gatemen, turn-styles, fences, and other security devices may be required.