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A Step Back In History Of Vienna

Whether a family vacation or just a passing visit on your travels, Austria is full of unique areas to visit. The popular city of Vienna, in particular, offers a lot of history, culture and culinary delights that would surely offer a bit of something for everyone.

Located on one of the longest rivers in Europe – the Danube – Vienna offers a range of attractions that are discovering the value, whatever your reasons for visiting the city. Click here to investigate different places that you can visit in Vienna.

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Depending on the time of year you visit, there are festivals taking place, celebrating both the music and movie formats, and are enjoyed by many locals and tourists both interested.

Vienna became world famous for its musical history, classical music in particular; being the city where the famous symphony orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic, was to come. 

Vienna also hosts the graves of two classical composers well known, namely Beethoven, Mozart and the cemetery Central Cemetery, St. Marx Cemetery. 

While visiting a cemetery might not be to the taste of everyone, it is located in a very peaceful and picturesque park the graves of two popular classical composers of the world and offers a pleasant ride for all individuals.

Set amid the shops and museums of Vienna are Wurstelstande or sausage stands as they are generally known to the local population. 

Fairly inexpensive to buy, you will find a wide range of sausages that are prepared by the local population and provide the ability to take a bite of the culinary culture of Austria during those long sight seeing tours around the city.