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A Cricket Match Is More Than Just A Game

The empty streets and low attendance in classrooms and offices bear witness to the fact that a cricket match is not just a man's game, but a passion for most of his fans. The players become international idols or fallen heroes depending on the result of the cricket match played recently.

The international cricket scenario has seen the evolution of the game just a cricket match to religion in many countries. The World Cup has recently concluded served to re-emphasize the importance we give to cricket as a game.  You can get more information about live cricket match world cup via online.

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A cricket match also provides the perfect opportunity to show patriotism, homeland vocally supporting the team in each local cricket match against rivals. Only when the home team loses a tournament is the next favorite team find additional supporters.

A cricket match can prove to be a colorful event in most cases. The many posters and messages that fans carry on, painted faces, waving flags game teams swaying in the wind and voices were raised in cheering for their home team adds much passion and glamor to an ongoing cricket match.

The performance on the field is adequately compensated by the performance of off-field fans. Many fans also appreciate the sudden coverage and sometimes they get the mobile television camera that covers the cricket match and the enthusiasm of the fans to add excitement to the game.

You can often spot a famous face in the crowd and recognize some stars of television and popular movies among fans in the gallery who came to watch the cricket match in progress.